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Why did you decide to form a new band with new musical ideas and a totally different character when 'Indulgence' died? Do you believe that you've achieved it?

Indulgence was a very experimental Doom Metal band, because all the members had different musical backgrounds. In the end, I was sick of it, so me and Rutger (guitar) decided to do something straightforward and create a Black Metal-band. I have always liked Black Metal better then Doom anyway. And yes, I think we have achieved our goal...

How do you define the traditional Black Metal? What new thing provides Black Candle's Mist to this one?

To me "traditional" Black Metal are bands like Venom, Obscurity, Possessed, old Slayer, Mercyful Fate, etcetera. I don't think Black Candle's Mist really adds something to this, it's more that we share the feeling of those bands. We cannot relate to the present Black Metal-trend with bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. We're more into the "oldies". Our music, at the moment, is a mixture of ancient Black-, Thrash and Death Metal Bands, with touches of Doom Metal. We are a bizarre mix of, let's say, old Venom, Celtic Frost, early Morbid Angel, Acheron, old Samael, old Rotting Christ and My Dying Bride, plus a lot of our own ideas and sound.

Why did you choose this name? What does 'Black Candle's Mist' mean? Which is the actual line up?

The name 'Black Candle's Mist' is brought up by me. When I was still playing in Indulgence, I wrote a song called 'Black Candle's Mist'. We never played this song, but the title kept haunting my mind. So, when we started out this band, Black Candle's Mist was the first thing that came up in my mind. 'Black Candle's Mist' refers to a state of mind, when you are alone, surrounded by black candles. When you gaze into the flame of the Black Candle, you will, all of a sudden, be caught by the Black Candle's Mist... your vision starts to blur and Life itself reveals to you its mighty meaning. Well, that's what it means to me! The current line up is: Tessa (vocals/guitar), Anton (vocals/bass), Koert (guitar), Ron (drums) and Dennis (keyboards).

Tell us about the band's debut at a Metal-festival in Halsteren.

It was pretty cool. The reaction of the crowd was great. We played with a few Metal-bands there, but unfortunately there were also some punkbands. They sucked, and we almost got into a fight. But, it was fun anyway!

Why was not concretised the recording of the demo "Hybrid blasphemies" at the first time? How finally it was achieved to record it?

There were a lot of problems with our first drummer, because he lived far away from were we rehearsed at the time. We wanted to record it, but things didn't work out, because the drummer didn't show up most of the time. But when Ron, our new drummer entered the band, this problem was history, and we recorded the demo at a friend's place, who has an own studio.

Your lyrics speaks about... What things inspire you?

Our lyrics deal with all the emotions of a blackened soul, ranging from extreme love to extreme hate. We are inspired by the strong feeling of hate towards mankind and our love for the strongs forces of nature. Furthermore, we are inspired by the Forces of Evil, scorn towards christianity, the Beauty of the Dark and many other things.

What bands have influenced to you? What bands do you like to listen lately?

I mentioned some bands that influenced me earlier. My main influences are Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Venom, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Rotting Christ, Celtic Frost, Hades Almighty, Samael, Acheron, Ancient Rites, and many more things. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Death Metal-bands as well, and also some '80s acts like Iron Maiden, Saxon etc.

Tell us about your national scene. What bands have a good relationship with you? Where have you played? What bands have shared stage with you?

There are a lot of good bands in Holland and in Belgium. To me, the best ones are Occult, Pentacle, Ancient Rites (Belgium), Liar of Golgotha, God Dethroned, Eternal Frost, As It Burns and Goddess of Desire. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of commercial rip-off-bands and fake pussies, who are desperately imitating Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. Names aren't necessary here, because they know who they are. But, we have friendly relationships with a lot of bands, and have shared stage with acts as Pantheon, Dark Rivers Flow and Lost Sacrament. We played a few gigs locally, but not much, because it is pretty hard to get on stage as a Black Metal-band like us. But, we are planning to do a few bigger shows with our friends from Eternal Frost and Liar of Golgotha in the near future.

After the demo "Hybrid blasphemies". Do you have offers of labels?

Yes, we had actually. There were two labels in the USA interested, but they both whimped out. The first lost ttheir interest because of a "lack of money" and the second label suddenly vanished. So I guess we are seriously ripped of twice. I curse them! But, hell, we are still searching for a deal, but we just want a good and reliable underground-label.

What can you say about the new stuff of the band? Is it comparable musically and lyrically to "Hybrid blasphemies"?

The new stuff is very different from the material on "Hybrid...". On our first demo you can still hear a very clear Doom-influence, because we recently played in a Doom-band and still played some songs from that band (Indulgence). But now, we have a lot of new songs, who are much heavier and faster. Generally, we play mid-paced riffs, with some faster and some slower parts. We always did that. But now, we are a lot less concerned with melody and technical shit, and more with rawness and heaviness.

Speak us about the band's ideology and your Gods.

I can only speak about my own views here. I am a Satanist, I deny all pathetic Gods of the weak religions, I hail the Mighty God within myself and worship no-one. The gods of life are the cruel and dark gods that live in Nature... the gods of our ancestors. I think these views are clearly seen in the music and lyrics of BCM, since Tessa and me are concerned with the ideology of this band, and we pretty much share our views.

Which are the nearest plans to Black Candle's Mist?

We are planning to record another demo, but nothing's sure yet. We recently recorded a rehearsal, but we aren't really satisfied with the result, so we're not sure if we'll release it. Also, we are planning to play live a bit more, because we love to be on stage.

Thanx!! Your last words.

All hails to Peru! Our first demo is still available for $8,-, which can be send in cash to: BLACK CANDLE'S MIST, C/O ANTON, SCHAEPMANLAAN 5, 4641 BX OSSENDRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS. No fucking Rip-Off! On behalf of Black Candle's Mist I greet you all! Support the Underground and stay Metal! Thank you!