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Why did you decide to play Death - Black Metal? What other kind of music do you listen?

Opera IX was born as a way to express ourselves, our occult nature, our interest in ancient traditions and in magic. Our music is the mirror of our way of being. It is not black metal or death metal only, it is Opera IX music. To compose it we take the inspiration directly from us and we don't care to belong to any particular kind of existent genre. We listen to many kinds of music (black/doom/death/gothic, but classical and celtic, also) so maybe they influence us indirectly, but it isn't a conscious choice.

Your video "Triumph of Death" was made with promotional use only, but say me how was the acceptance of it? and how were realised the clips?, was difficult?

All the reactions have been very positive, in fact, after a period of promotion we decided to put it in merchandise for sale. To make a clip was a good and exciting experience and we did it with "Fronds of the ancient Walnut" (from Sacro Culto)also. This is surely our best video, it is professionally done with a very good sound and image quality. Even if it was out at the beginning of 1998, we are still selling it very well.

Then you recorded a video "Live at Babylonia" describe us how is it? and Why do you choose to do the clip of the song "Fronds of the ancient Walnut"? and say me when will out on CD the other 4 songs?

This video has escorted the out of Sacro Culto in Belgium, from April 98 to June 98. It contains  live songs, all from Sacro Culto CD, except for the song "Sepulcro", taken from the 1st CD "The call of the wood". It was recorded at the beginning of 1998, during an Italian gig. As I told you, we decided to insert a clip (Fronds of the Ancient Walnut). This song was the right one to realize a clip. It talks about a black ritual celebrated with fires, chants and dances around a sacred stone... and this is waht you see in the clip. It is surely the best videoclip in all underground scene.

"The call of the wood" was a very awaited CD. How was the response? And tell us if you had some problems to recorded it, also talk us about the sales of this one and What can you say about the work of the label - Miscarriage Rec.?

Miscarriage died. The CD is still alive. It continues to sell many copies and now, without an official distribution (we are the only owners of the last copies) it has reached about 6.000 sold copies. The sound is not so good, this was due to some money problems with the label, and the problems continued with distribution. It is a cult CD for all the fans and I'm proud of it, but it has some potentialities that haven't been exploited totally, in fact there are some parts of the world, like Japan for example, that are still vergin to it.

Why did you decide to play "The rime of the ancient mariner" for the IRON MAIDEN's tribute? And How is the relationship with Dwell Rec. and its bands?

We had already worked with Dwell records for another compilation called Awakening, so we knew how it works, that is professionally and honestly. So we were glad to take part to A Call to Irons. It has been a success, it sold over 30.000 copies and this allowed us to be better known in USA. About the song, we simply liked it, it is complex and... long, in the typical style of Opera IX. With some changments in the lyric (too sunny for my tastes) and with the add of keyboards it has became a new must and an important chapter in Opera IX history. All reactions have been  very good and we are completely satisfied. I personally thank American fans who continue to write me with compliments.

What bands have influenced to you? What bands do you like to listen lately?

If there must be a band, I think it is Celtic Frost. Anyway actually I love to listen to Dissection, At the Gates, Mercyful Fate, My Dying Bride...

There were changes on keyboards many times, why? And now, Have you found the appropriate and more adapted for the band?

Surely yes, Lunaris is the right one. I prefer not to talk about the problems we had with other members.

Talk us about "Sacro culto". Are you satisfied with the production? How long took to recorded it? and Why left on Shiver Rec.?

I'm not completely satisfied by the production of Sacro Culto. I'm a pessimist so I'm used to find bad things in all... Anyway it is our best album, better if compared to the 1st, not only for the sound but also for the artwork, 'case S. Culto is a digipack. We spent 2 months in studios but we didn't go there every day. It was a studio placed near where we live, so we had the opportunity to go there when we liked, and this allowed us to follow all the steps of the producion with the proper attention. Unfortunately Italy is not full of good studios... the ones that are good are very expansive..I think something could have been done better during the mixage... anyway we will do better next time, considering we will go abroad for the recordings. We chose Shiver 'cause it offered us what we wanted.

The lyrics of "Sacro culto" talks about... Have they changed respect to the previous topics?

Not so much, the spirit is always the same: black magic, ritual, paganism, celtism, legends, blood, cryptic atmospheres.

Where have you played? What bands have shared stage with you? and Are financed the tours by the label?

No we organize all tours by ourselves, except foreign ones. In Italy we play live often, in the past we have been on stage with Absu, Enslaved, Marduk... actually we prefer to play alone or with some bands who support us, considering we don't need other bands to make the hall full.

Talks us about the Italian scene. Is there support of the people, zines, labels, etc.?

Sure, Italy loves Opera IX. We are a cult band here, we exist since 1989 and people respect us 'cause we never abandoned our black faith and we never followed any trand. So, nothing bad!

There are a lot of good bands in Europe. Is it very competitive? Is it good for the bands?

Sincerely I'm not interested in what other bands do. I prefer to concentrate myself on Opera IX. I try to mantain good relationships with all and to live in peace with myself.

You're considered as a sect. Tell us something of your Gods and Why adore them? What pretend when say that believes in the power of your own minds and souls?

All what you are allowed to know is written in the lyrics and is evoked by our music. In few words: you cannot do anything if you don't believe in what your mind can do.

Tell us about the new stuff that you have and Which are the nearest plans to OPERA IX?

A new fucking CD. New songs are... great! It will be a concept album: six songs + a cover, but the title of this one will be a surprise. The title of the CD will probably be The Black Opera and will deal with a sort of journey in the arcane dimensions on evil. Pe patient, it will be out in February 2000.

Thanx Cadaveria!! Please, your last words.

Thank you! Gorgot Assai Belem.